Congratulations to the Winners!

Red Balloon vouchers for Fraser Island + $400 prepaid credit card

Congratulations to the Winners who will be Escaping to Fraser Island!

That’s all folks! Another great promotion has come to an end! As always, a huge thank you to everyone for showing their support and participating.

Our promo with Mapei to ‘Escape to Fraser Island’ is officially over and the 3 winners have been announced. The winners who are going to Fraser Island and getting a $400 prepaid card are;
🏅Andrew Dore | Surface Archetypes
🏅Matt Grace | Epic Flooring Pty Ltd
🏅Trevor Hall | Gladstone Flooring Xtra

Thank you to Mapei for sponsoring and to everyone who participated in this promotion! We can’t wait to see some great photos from the winners enjoying their relaxing escape at Fraser.

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